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I feel as though internet coverage of Asian novelties always involves some random invention that seems too good to be true or some quirky idea that has been made a reality. Well, Cat Cafes are definitely one of those things. Honestly, I am not a cat person (or an animal person for that matter), but I may be on my way to changing my mind because my first time at a kitty cafe was quite the experience.

IMG_0038For 8,000 Korean won, you get a cafe-style drink of your choice and time to chill with some rather interesting kitties. Whether you are looking for a really inexpensive, yet entertaining way to relax, hangout with your friends, or even get some inspiration for your everyday life, a cat cafe might be worth visiting. If you really want to get your hands dirty, you can even purchase cat food to hand feed them and/or cheap toys to annoy them with! But, like I said, I am not an animal person so no way was I being that ambitious.

Although my mind dreamt up wild ideas of what a cat cafe would be like, it turned out to be something completely different when I actually experienced it (as are most things with my life). I truly expected around 100 felines performing meows and purrs in unison to greet me at the door, excited to see yet another random human who would pet them to their hearts’ desires. However, I quickly found that the kitties could care less about my presence or potential affection (affection that was actually never coming to begin with but still…).

After ordering my drink, I sat down and realized just how exhausted I was from exploring Seoul for the day. Although I was curious about Cat Cafes, my tiredness incited the tiny “Get me out of here…” sensation that strikes me when I’m completely over something… then I turned my head and saw that exact expression on a kitty’s face. Shocked at how this cat was not even trying to look like s/he were enjoying himself/herself, I looked around to see if the other kitties were the same. They were either sleeping, allowing a human to entertain them, or wearing the most annoyed of looks on their faces. Then it hit me.

These cats go through this every single day. They put up with tons of strangers invading their space and disturbing their peace, yet remain completely unfettered. Iconic. 

*watches me approach with my camera* Kitty: Wyd fam…
Kitty: Omg leave.
*hears another random kid scream “Here, kitty kitty!”* Kitty: Unbothered…

And yet, all of this catitude I was experiencing was strangely satisfying and extremely entertaining to say the least. Basically, these cats spoke me in the strangest of ways. I know that if they put up with their various annoyances all day everyday, and remain true to themselves and unbothered, then I must valiantly carry on through my daily displeasures in their honor. Still, I must admit, they do a much better job than I can… and also look ridiculously adorable doing it too. Now, I know why everybody wants to be a cat.


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